These Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies will help you stay on track while you celebrate the holidays. These cookies can be part of a low-carb, keto, Atkins, gluten-free, grain-free, or Banting diet.

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The recipes 

These cookies won’t just satisfy your craving for a sweet nibble (or two). They make a great low-carb solution for winter parties and celebrations. A plate of these will always be welcome. If you celebrate Christmas, don’t forget to make a few extras to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

I’ve searched the web for some of the best low-carb cookies out there. This round-up includes cookie recipes from my site as well as other websites that fit every cookie craving–Cookies for coconut lovers, cookies for chocolate addicts, and cookies for nut aficionados. There are cut-out cookies, bar cookies, and sliced cookies. Yep, we’ve got you covered in the cookie department!

Sometimes food isn’t about macros, it isn’t about eating, and it isn’t even about holiday baking more than food memories Many can be cut into shapes and decorated with the kids.


Tips for stress-free holiday baking

Allow plenty of time

Be sure to plan plenty of time for baking. There’s nothing worse than not having something turn out because you didn’t have time to read the recipe completely.

Remember that some cookies need to chill for a few hours in the process. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the recipe before you get started so you can allow enough time.

Use fresh, high-quality ingredients 

Always use good, fresh ingredients. Baking powder and baking soda can lose their “zip” after a few months time. Butter that has been sitting in the refrigerator can pick up flavors from that cut up onion or left-over broccoli–probably NOT flavors you want in your cookies.

Old nuts taste old and have rancid oils in them. That cinnamon you bought 5 years ago probably has lost a lot of flavor. You get the idea!

Equipment needed for baking cookies

Food processor

The right equipment can make the job so much easier. First of all, I recommend a good food processor. I’ve had the same one for almost 20 years and use it several times a week. I have abused this thing using it to make nut milks and butter from fresh cream (from when I had my cow) and it still works like a champ.

The food processor I have is the older version of this one. I’m sure there are lots of other good ones out there. I love the shredding and slicing disks as well as the pulse feature of mine.

I use my food processor frequently when I make cookies. For some of the recipes in this round-up, you just toss the ingredients in the food processor, plus it a few times, and the dough is done. How easy is that?



Another thing I couldn’t live without in the kitchen is my mixer. I have a hand mixer and use it all of the time for making meringue, whipping cream, and all around baking. Hand mixers aren’t terribly expensive and get the job done. 

One advantage of a hand mixer is that it allows you to feel what is going on in the bowl. There is a different feel when you’re mixing something thick versus something thin.

A standup mixer allows you to mix dough and batter hands-free. This can be helpful and saves time because you can do something else while the mixer is doing the work. 

Standup mixers are typically much more expensive than hand mixers, but usually last for many years. 


Baking sheets

Baking sheets may seem like a simple item, but the quality really matters here. I love these baking sheets because they are heavy and don’t burn things easily. They also have a silicone coating that gives a strong non-stick finish that doesn’t scrape off as easily as some coatings. I also consider it much safer (from a toxin perspective) than some of the other coatings.

Some recipes require dark baking sheets to get the bottom of the cookies crisp, so it’s good to have a selection of baking sheets.


Parchment or a Silicone Baking Mat

If you don’t have a non-stick baking sheet, parchment or a silicone baking mat keeps food from sticking and makes clean-up a breeze. 

These items also make it easier to roll out dough. Some of the cookies in this round-up will be impossible to make without parchment


Rolling pin

My brother bought me a heavy duty rolling pin like this one for my wedding 24 years ago, and it still makes rolling out dough a dream.

If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can use a bottle with straight sides. A rolling pin does make rolling out dough easier, though. 


Final words

Holiday baking is more than just making sweet treats. It’s about spending time together in the kitchen and sharing something special you’ve created with others. Enjoy these recipes and enjoy your holidays!


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Keto Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies-With a cup of coffee.

Keto Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies from Simply So Healthy

These keto-friendly cookies boast loads of cinnamon flavor in a shortbread cookie package. They look like little cinnamon rolls, so no decorating required!


Low-Carb Pecan Shortbread Cookies from Simply So Healthy

These Shortbread cookies are loaded with nutty pecan flavor. They will be the first ones to disappear from your cookie platter, for sure!


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Almond Crunch Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies from Joy Filled Eats

These Almond Crunch Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies melt in your mouth like shortbread, have the crunch of almonds, and the richness of chocolate ganache. They are the perfect holiday bite.


Low-Carb Chocolate Drizzled Coconut Macaroons from Simply So Healthy

Calling all Mound bar lovers! These cookies are for you! Soft, delicious coconut cookies with a drizzle of chocolate on top.


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Low Carb Peanut Butter Blossoms from Low Carb Yum

Top off easy to make low carb cookies with a piece of chocolate for classic peanut butter blossoms. It’s a flavor combination that’s always a winner.


Low-Carb Thin Mint Cookies stacked on a plate.

Low-Carb Thin Mint Cookies-Copycat Recipe from Simply So Healthy

These cookies add tradition peppermint holiday flavor to your party platter. Sprinkle some sugar-free peppermint chunks on top to make them even more festive!


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies from Low Carb Maven

These sugar-free oatmeal cookies have a perfect cookie texture.


Low-Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies-all stacked up.

Low-Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies from Simply So Healthy

These cookies take the traditional shortbread cookie to a new level! Chocolate and hazelnut together give a “Nutella-like” flavor.


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Low-Carb Sugar-Free Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies from Sugar Free Londoner

Soft and chewy almond flour thumbprint cookies with a fruity raspberry filling!


Low-Carb Sugar Cookies on a plate with a cup of coffee

Low-Carb Sugar Cookies from Simply So Healthy

These low-carb sugar cookies can be rolled out and cut with cookie cutters or sliced into round cookies. Either way, they melt in your mouth!


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Pumpkin Pie Snowball Cookies from Beauty and the Foodie

These cookies are a low carb version of Russian tea cakes with a pumpkin spice twist. Pumpkin spice pie crust cookies with a sweet powdered cinnamon coating. 


Serving Keto Coconut Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Keto Coconut Flourless Chocolate Brownies from Simply So Healthy

These rich, chocolate brownies have a delicious coconut topping. 


Keto-Friendly, Low-Carb Holiday Cookies

Low-Carb Ginger Snaps from Wholesome Yum

These low carb ginger snaps taste just like the real thing with options for making them crunchy or soft.


Low-Carb Holiday Cookies from Step Away from the Carbs

These low carb holiday cookies are ideal for sharing with the family! The cream cheese frosting works perfectly with the chocolate cookie base!


No Bake Coconut Cookies from Whole New Mom

These no bake coconut cookies are the perfect thing when you need a healthy treat in a flash. They come together super quick and are loaded with healthy ingredients–making them a great option for last minute holiday “baking” too!


Almond Shortbread Cookies from So Nourished

Nothing says home quite like a freshly baked cookie and these Almond Shortbread ones are no exception. Indulge in the nostalgia of Christmas without it sticking to your waistline because unlike the traditional recipe, each serving is only ONE net carb!


Low-Carb Almond Crescent Cookies from Whole New Mom

These Almond Crescent Cookies are a melt-in-your-mouth delicious and healthier re-creation of one of my childhood favorite cookies. This “guaranteed to please” recipe is now grain-free with a dairy-free & low-carb / keto option.


Low-Carb Shortbread Cookies from My PCOS Kitchen

Some delicious buttery shortbread cookies coated in sugar free chocolate! The absolute perfect way to celebrate the holidays!


Low-Carb Cinnamon Streusel Cookies from

These keto cinnamon streusel cookis are a family favorite. They make a great keto cookie recipe for the Holidays.


Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Recipe from wholesome

These adorable gingerbread cookies are almost as fun to make as they are to eat. Super easy and delicious.


Low-Carb Cranberry and Almond Cookies from

These low carb cranberry and almond cookies are the perfect treat for the holiday season! Gluten free and sugar free recipe with video tutorial!


Low-Carb Peppermint Cream Ginger Cookies from Beauty and the Foodie

Peppermint Cream Ginger Cookies are low carb and paleo with a dairy-free option. Tasty soft ginger spice cookies with a peppermint cream frosting.


Keto-Friendly Mocha Meringue Cookies from

Little chocolate clouds baked to a light and crisp cookie.


Low-Carb Peanut Butter Blossoms from Low Carb Yum

These peanut butter cookies with chocolate centers are always a hit to kids and the kids at heart especially during the holiday festivities!


Keto-Friendly Almond Butter Brownie Cookies from

Thick, fudgy and made with only 5 ingredients, these Keto almond butter brownie cookies are a chocolate lover’s dream.


Low-Carb German Christmas Cookies from

This is a Christmas cookie recipes that is loosely based on a German cookie recipe. Zimtsterne are traditional cinnamon biscuits served at Christmas time in Germany.


Keto-Friendly Christmas Cookies

Decorating these keto Christmas sugar cookies is sure to quickly become a holiday tradition! Fun to make and taste great!