New to low-carb and
keto baking?

If you want to be able to whip up something in the kitchen without making a trip to the store, then this list is for you.

This list includes the most used ingredients in my baking recipes. Having these ingredients available will allow you to make many of the recipes on the blog without making a trip to the store.

In addition to saving time buying groceries, this list can help with your low-carb success by decreasing the risk of making a high carb choice. It can be harder to stay on plan if there are no low-carb foods in the house to eat. I know this from personal experience.

I’ve put together this list to help you be successful in your adventure toward better health.


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Readers Say…

Every recipe I’ve tried has turned out well, with little to no tweaking required. I appreciate that her recipes are seemingly balanced between sweet and savory – some sites are so dessert recipe driven it’s become irritating. SSH understands very well what it means to be keto / low-carb.