This Low-Carb Pecan Stuffing recipe is a hearty thanksgiving dish that the whole family with be fighting over! It’s the perfect holiday side dish for people on low-carb, ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo or Banting diets.

Low-Carb Pecan Stuffing

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This low-carb pecan stuffing is Thanksgiving flavors in a bowl. Pecans combine with sage, onion, celery and thyme to make a filling, nutritious and delicious stuffing that goes perfectly with turkey, chicken, game hens or even pork.  When this stuffing is cooking, your whole house will smell like Thanksgiving! 

For most people, the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey. For me, while I do like turkey, the Thanksgiving dish I really love has always been the stuffing. From an early age, this has always been the case.  Perhaps it’s because my mother makes the World’s best stuffing. I love her recipe with savory herbs combined with onions and celery. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Of course, traditional stuffing usually contains a large amount of carbs of some kind, whether it be cornbread or wheat bread or sometimes even rice depending on the recipe. The breadcrumbs or rice basically provide a canvas to paint flavors on. They soak up the butter and herb flavors and become vehicles of flavor.

In this recipe, I kept all of the traditional stuffing flavors based on my mother’s recipe, but changed the base.  Instead of using breadcrumbs, I use pecans. The pecans not only provide a base to add flavors to, they offer a delicious flavor of their own. The nutty flavor melds perfectly with the sage, onion and celery.  

I really love flavor and this recipe delivers. I layer the taste of celery by using both celery and celery salt.I layer the sage by using both dried rubbed sage and the more subtle fresh sage. Yes, some may think I’m a bit heavy handed with the herbs in this recipe, but I love it this way. To me there is nothing worse than bland stuffing.  Not only is this recipe not bland, it’s is a wake up call for the senses!

Of course, you don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to make this low-carb pecan stuffing. I love to serve it with roasted chicken and it works perfectly with pork as well. I confess that I like this stuffing so much I have made it and eaten it by itself on multiple occasions. Enjoy!



Low-Carb Pecan Stuffing

Low-Carb Pecan Stuffing

This Low-Carb Pecan Stuffing recipe is a hearty thanksgiving dish that the whole family with be fighting over! It's the perfect holiday side dish for people on low-carb, ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo, lc/hf, or Banting diets.
Servings 6
Author Annissa Slusher


  • 2 Tablespoons butter ghee or coconut oil
  • 1 yellow onion chopped
  • 3 ribs celery chopped
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried rubbed sage
  • 1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery salt
  • 8 oz pecans whole or pieces
  • 2 Tablespoons fresh sage leaves stacked and sliced thinly
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 Tablespoon parsley


  1. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add butter.
  2. When butter has melted and has stopped bubbling, add yellow onion and celery.
  3. Cook onion and celery, stirring occasionally until the edges of onion begin to brown and onion is becoming translucent. Onions and celery should both be soft. Reduce heat to medium.
  4. Stir in thyme, rubbed sage, poultry seasoning and celery salt. Stir to combine.
  5. Add pecans and fresh sage. Stir and cook for about three minutes to soften the flavors of the sage and allow pecans to absorb the flavor of the herbs.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Stir in parsley.

Recipe Notes

Per serving:
Calories: 308
Fat: 31 grams
Carbs: 8 grams
Fiber: 4.6 grams
Protein: 4 grams
Net Carbs: 3.4 grams

Low Carb Pecan Stuffing