Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

These low-carb mint chocolate popsicles are like a peppermint patty on steroids!  Creamy, cold and refreshing–they make an ideal treat on a hot day.  These popsicles are simple and quick to make and drizzling them with chocolate is oh so much fun!  

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You don’t have to drizzle the chocolate–nope–let your creativity rule and think outside of the box or, in this case, outside the popsicle mold.  Dip them if you like, add crunchy bits to the melted chocolate, or be a true renegade and skip the chocolate all together.  

These popsicles not only taste great, but contain lots of healthy things too.  I use pasture-raised eggs and cream from grass-fed cows to increase the healthy omega three fatty acids, beta carotene, and other nutrients and trace minerals.  The dark chocolate provides antioxidants and magnesium.

I gently heat the popsicle mixture for multiple reasons.  Heating activates the gelatin, pasteurizes the eggs and coaxes flavor out of the mint leaves. Be sure to let the mixture cool before adding the extracts or the flavor will evaporate.

This recipe makes 10 3-ounce popsicles using this mold.  If you use a different mold, you may need to adjust the amounts.  If you have extra popsicle mixture left over after filling your molds, don’t worry.  Just pour it into a dish, cover and refrigerate a few hours for a delicious mint mousse treat!




Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Taken out of the freezer.

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Ready To Cover in Chocolate!

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Chopped Dark Chocolate

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Yum! Chocolate drizzle!

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Looks like a Jackson Pollock!

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

All done!

Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles


Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Popsicles

These low-carb mint chocolate popsicles are like peppermint patties on steroids! Creamy, cold and refreshing--they make an ideal treat on a hot day.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Servings 10
Author Annissa Slusher



  1. Pour unflavored gelatin in 1/2 cup water. Allow gelatin to absorb water for about 5 minutes.
  2. In medium saucepan, whisk together heavy cream, stevia/erythritol mix, eggs, and mint leaves.
  3. Place thermometer in cream mixture and begin heating over low heat.
  4. Whisk gelatin/water mixture into the cream mixture.
  5. Continue heating over low heat while stirring constantly.
  6. Bring temperature to 140 degrees fahrenheit and hold at that temperature for 3 minutes.
  7. Turn off the heat and allow mixture to cool to below 110 degrees fahrenheit.
  8. Stir in vanilla and mint extracts.
  9. Pour mixture into a blender and blend until mint leaves are completely pulverized. A hand blender could also be used for this step.
  10. If desired, strain to remove mint leaves. ( I don't do this because I love the little green bits, but some children can be picky)
  11. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze at least 5 hours.
  12. After popsicles are completely frozen, melt chocolate in a double boiler.
  13. To release popsicles from molds, run hot water over the mold.
  14. Place popsicles on a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  15. Drizzle chocolate over the popsicles using a spoon.

Recipe Notes

Serving size: one popsicle (about 3 oz.)

Per serving:

Calories: 208

Fat (g): 20

Carbs (g): 3

Fiber (g): 2

Protein (g): 4

Net carbs (g): 1