Low-Carb Chocolate Sensations

A selection of low-carb, keto-friendly recipes for chocoholics

Love chocolate, but want to cut carbs? Then this cookbook is for you! This book contains over 50 recipes that satisfy that pesky chocolate sweet tooth without compromising your health.

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Who is this for?

Health conscious chocolate lovers
People who want to bake and eat what they make (without adverse consequences)
Those who eat gluten-free
Diabetics who love dessert
Those who enjoy the benefits of a keto or low-carb lifestyle, but not the restrictions

Chocolate is my passion…

My Obsession & My Greatest Vice

Chocolate not only tastes good, but is healthy too!

The problem comes with the other stuff that comes along with the chocolate. Things like sugar, gluten, carb-laden flours, and the wrong kinds of fats.

Let’s face it, food is about so much more than sustenance. It’s about celebrations, holiday traditions, and spending time together baking.

With these recipes, you can celebrate a birthday with a cake, bake cookies for the holidays, and enjoy an afternoon treat–All without the guilt and health repercussions of going “off-plan”

Having low-carb treats that you love available when you’re tempted by high carb goodies can be the difference between long-term success and giving up on healthy eating…again.


Here’s what Janice says about our low-carb
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies,
“These cookies are so yummy! Made these with dark chocolate chips and toasted walnuts.”
Here’s what Jane says about the
low-carb Chocolate Mint Cookies,
“These were great! I also didn’t put them in the refrigerator and they came out just like the picture! Thank you for a really good low carb chocolate cookie…it will be on my go to list of desserts!”
Here’s what Andrea said about our
low-carb Chocolate Fudge Brownies,
“I love that these are Keto! They are chocolate fudgy goodness.”
Here’s what Autumn said about our
low-carb Hot Chocolate Recipe
“I had been craving hot chocolate all day. We are supposed to have freezing temperatures tonight around 0. Again all I could think about was hot chocolate. I am new to keto and wanted to follow without cheating. This recipe is so much better than any hot chocolate you can buy. I am so glad I came across this.”

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Low-Carb Chocolate Sensations